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Kodakexpress - Film Processing

Our Kodak store still process 35mm film instore and C41 black & white.

Your film is developed in Kodak chemicals and printed on high quality photographic paper. They can also be scanned onto CD.

Kodakexpress - Digital Printing

We offer instant prints as well as next day, any size up to A1. We can print from any device such as mobile, usb, or from facebook instagram. 

Kodakexpress - Photo Restoration

Our Kodak store provides service for repairing damaged photos. Any faded or damaged photos, we will restore your photo back to their previous glory. Your original photo is scanned at a high resolution.

Kodakexpress - Slides & Negatives

We can help to scan and convert slides & negatives onto prints, digital images and save them onto a cd, usb and dvd slideshow. All slide are cleaned and then checked. we do everything in store.

Kodakexpress - Video to DVD

Have you got old video tapes? We can transfer VHS video to DVD for £10 per tape. We do many formates such as VHS-c Hi8 8mm Digital 8 MiniDV, and Cine film

Kodakexpress - Passport Photo 

We will professionally take your ID photo. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We can process photo ID for any country passport or Visa.