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  • Family Portraits 
  • Wedding Photography
  • PR Event Photography
  • Pregnancy Portraits
  • Male and Female Model Portfolios
  • Boudoir & Makeup Photography
  • Business Headshots
  • Kids, Teenage Party Shoots
  • Pet Portraits
  •  Engagement Photo Shoot
  • Graduaction, Christening Etc

Slides or Negatives scan to digital or prints

Has digital almost past you by? Have you discovered old slides, transparencies, or negatives in your attic? Do you wish to share these treasures with your nearest and dearest? Just bring them to us and we can either scan them to make prints or put them onto CD for you to view almost anywhere.

The Price from 55p will depends on the quantity, all scanning is done on the premises where attention can be given individually to each slide you have.

The time for this service will also depends upon the quantity but usual turn around would be between one to three days.

Services Available

Scan Slides or Negatives