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Collage Print in Surrey - Kodakexpress Caterham

Kodakexpress Caterham

Have you recently been on holiday? Snapping away on your camera? Or have gone through the family album and found some old fond memories? Can’t decide which one to have printed and displayed for all to see?

Why not combine them all in a large collage poster so you can see all those happy moments all at once?

Creating a collage couldn’t be simpler. If you have those all as digital images just save them all to disc, memory card or USB then bring them to us. We then load them up to our P.C.  Put them through a few programs then show you the results. If you like what you see we can print off there and then. Anything from A4 right up to A1 all ready to frame in 10 to 20 mins.

If all you have are precious prints of your memories then allow us to have them a few days before and we can scan them for you to get a digital image to work with. Once done we can do as we‘ve said above and you will have your finished collage in no time....

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