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  • Photo in Key ring
  • Photo restoration
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  • Photo Collage

Instant printing, Photo enlargement from professional photographic shop Kodak Caterham

Kodakexpress Caterham in Surrey offers quality instant photo printing service for all different print sizes up to A0 44" x 64"

Kodakexpress store is unlike Boot or Tesco, we do provide personal service, we will show you how to crop the images, lighten up, or make a collage, change to black white photos, you can bring your camera, memory cards, usb, mobile phone, dvd or cd, our staff are professional, knowledgeable, and patient here to help you .

For quick and easy printing whatever your format, come in and use one of our kiosks.

Whether you have a sd card, usb stick or even straight from your phone, simply come in and plug your card in, select your images and print anything up to 8x12".

Big enlargement,  Kodak shop in Caterham uses wide format Epson machine to print any size you require and fit into a frame if you bring one or pick one from the shop.

For apple and Andried phones there is a free app 'kiosk connect app' that you can print all or some of your photos from your mobile instantly. Or even if you just to wish to print one or two images, you can email us in the shop, they can also be printed that way.

Help is always at head to talk to you through by friendly staff in Kodak Caterham.

Instant Services Available

Instant Photo Printing