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When it comes to framing your treasured image a lot of it boils down to your own individual taste. What some people would love others will not. But here are a few tips that could help you on your way.

Firstly think of where you are going to be putting your framed image. How much wall space or shelf room do you have? Is there enough area to have a mounted photo or will you need to put it straight into the frame without a mount (boarder).

Then you have colour and style. Where having a modern looking White frame could be great but if your decor is already mostly white it may look a little lost. Sometimes it is best to find something that contrasts with the surroundings in order for your picture to stand out.

As a rule of thumb light photos do better in dark frames and vice versa dark pictures in light frames. However by adding a coloured mount (boarder) in the frame may help you get round this if you decide you’d like to do the opposite.

Here in store we have a wide range of ready made frames from wood and moulded plastic to metal or even a clean looking clip frame. We are always on hand to help you decide. Sometimes if you have an odd sized photo you may not find a ready made frame to fit. Here you can either order a frame made to measure which we can have done for you in a week to 10 days.

Otherwise we can cut a mount for it to fit into a slightly larger frame which can be ready for the next day.

With the made to measure frames we have a host of different mouldings to choose from all tailored to give you the look you desire. But as we said at the beginning at the end of the day the choice will always come down to you....   

  • Photo enlargement
  • Print big size Photo
  • Free colour correction
  • Send by USB, CD or email
  • Fit in frame for free
  • Mount cut  
  • Poster within clip frame
  • Quality Kodak Photo Paper

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